About Us

The organization R.T Industries initially emerged as a concept of Mr. L. M. M. Perera and his spouse, Mrs. O. S. R. Jayawardena in 1986. The company started with two handloom machines and three employees. In 1990 the organization was able to expand their operations by bringing out two new Powerloom machines under their weaving section with seven employees. Gradually they were able to expand it up to six handlooms machines and four Powerloom machines in 1996.

Despite the hardship in 2001 they were able to start new company under their group named M.S.R Apparels (Pvt) Ltd which was a BOI project with 48 employees. By the time of 2005 R.T. industries were able to expand their weaving section up to 30 employees and 8 handlooms and 12 Powerlooms.

However the organization were able to expand their operations with Sri Lankan government and became one of their main reputed suppliers. In 2008 they were able to expand the operations in the weaving section and started new venture in Veyangoda, with 14 Powerloom machines, Currently the organization was able function with 32 Powerlooms and with more than 135 employees directly.

In 2016 with a new concept in hand Chairman, Mr.L.M.M.Perera handed over the operations to his son Mr. Rajitha Perera and daughter Ms. Geeshani Perera where as for the concept of new MD, Rajitha Perera. BA (1st Class), MBA (Management-UK) started R&G Global (Pvt) Ltd to manage all the operations under 3 division, namely; Weaving, Knitting, Hospitality Sales Division. R&G Global Pvt Ltd. In 2016 the company initiated as an administrative office in order to utilize the full capacity and the competency level of the group of companies. The company handles three main divisions to cater customer needs, namely weaving division, knitting and hospitality division to manage hotel sales. The main idea is to become the best service provider in all three categories by achieving high standards of quality levels.


“ To become the number one service provider in knitting, weaving and hotel fabric supplies in the SME category in Sri Lanka by the time of 2025. ”

(R & G Global (Pvt) Ltd).

The Strategy of RT Group

Is to provide a quality and controlled product to the consumers at the best price within the scheduled time period"

Mission Statement

  • To create & develop a unique products by excelling in unique services.
  • To build a customer orientated culture in the organization.
  • Not to compromise on the quality but to develop quality.
  • Build the brand loyalty.
  • Lead the path without replication.

Business Goals & Objectives

  • To become the best service provider by the time of 2025 in all 3 divisions.
  • To develop products and materials to cater the customer satisfaction.
  • To provide business opportunities and job opportunities to the community.
  • To make a successful brand image.
  • To provide support to the lower community and the employees as much as possi ble for the company.
  • To work as helping institute for rural areas and try help with their existing prob lems.

Our Staff


Mrs. Renuka Jayawardena

Mr. Rajitha Perera
( Managing )

Ms. Geeshani Perera
( Managing )

Group Chairman

Mr. L. M. M. Perera


Mr. Chaminda S. Gunasekera
(General Manager)

Mr. Saman P. Warnaweera
( Assistant Manager
Imports and Exports )

Mr. Nipuna Doraliyagoda
( Assistant Manager
Operations )